Specials plannings programs

On June 18, the City of Deux-Montagnes held a public consultation meeting regarding its two Special Planning Programs (SPPs)―Oka Road and Grand-Moulin Station―as well as that of the West entrance to the city. About 160 people were in attendance.

These SPPs are meant to strengthen the city’s financial situation and ensure our shared future. They provide a framework for redevelopment, preserve our small-town character and ensure the long-term growth of the community. The two planning documents represent a practical strategy for ensuring our city’s sustainability in the long term.

Both Special Planning Programs optimize land usage by encouraging variety in residential housing. In this way, we are also better able to meet the needs of today’s homebuyer, who may or may not be looking for a single family home. The diversification of housing is a reflection of the current market and allows for greater use of active and public transportation. In addition, the diversification of land use (both residential and commercial) is intended to stimulate the local economy, particularly on Oka Road.

In keeping with our status as a green city, particular attention will be paid to preserving tree cover and improving landscapes in all new projects. We are committed to ensuring the environmentally sound management of all areas affected by the SPPs.

The SPPs in question are subject to strict architectural criteria intended to ensure that new structures complement the existing built environment. In addition to promoting eco-friendly development, these architectural criteria also ensure that new buildings are aesthetically pleasing, of high quality and that they integrate seamlessly into our city’s scenery.

By successfully combining economic development and sustainability, these SPPs bring us one step closer to achieving our ultimate goal of promoting collective growth while ensuring the prosperity of future generations.


18 June Presentation (Summary of SPP)



1ER PROJET DE RÈGLEMENT 1504 (Concordance)