Sports fields, tennis and playgrounds








The sports fields can also be used by sports associations in the region.

To find out how to reserve the field for your next tournaments, call the Leisure Department at 450 473-2796 option 4.



 Park Ladouceur / Park Normandie,

(behind l’école des Mésanges)


Park next the Polyvalente de Deux-Montagnes

(fields behind the school)

Balle-molle  Park Olympia ,  Park Central

Park next the Polyvalente de Deux-Montagnes and Park Central

Park next LTM Lake of Two-Mountains High School, fields behind the school



4 tennis courts with lights

ParK  Olympia , 1005, rue Guy (angle rue Guy and 10th Avenue)

Access without any fees

On Tuesdays and Thursdays evening, as well as on Sunday mornings, the tennis courts are reserved for the City’s tennis courts and leagues.









Neighbourhood parks are equipped with play modules for children.

Here’s where to find them in the city:

Beauchemin Park: 15th Avenue and du Lac Blvd.

Champigny Park: 2nd Avenue North

Louis Warren Park: at the end of Ronsard and Ovila Forget streets

Normandie Park: at the corner of 19th Avenue and rue Normandie

Olympia Park: rue Guy and chemin des Anciens

Oswald Sullivan Park: rue du croissant Mathys

Du Régent Park: at the end of rue Élizabeth



Refresh yourself in the water games this summer!

Where can you find them?

• Olympia Park : rue Guy, at the corner of chemin des Anciens

• Louis Warren Park : at the end of rue Ronsard, at the corner of rue Ovila Forget

• Armitage Park : on chemin d’Oka at the corner of the 26th Avenue



The school parks are set up behind the schoolyards and are equipped with playgrounds for children.

Emmanuel-Chénard School:  28th Avenue

École des Érables:  Path to the Future

École des Mésanges:  chemin d’Oka at the corner of 14th Avenue

Saint-Jude School:  Saint-Jude Street at the corner of De La Chapelle

Sauvé School:chemin d’Oka at the corner of 9th Avenue