In this section, you will find relevant information regarding the regulatory framework and BY-LAWS that applies to real estate development, zoning, building permit applications, renovations, occupancy or commercial operations and quality of life.


As of May 17, 2021, a new digital platforme  allows citizens to apply for a permit or certificate of authorization  ON LINE  and receive their permit by email.

For any questions regarding the operation of the platform or concerning permit applications, citizens are invited to contact the Urban Planning and Environment Department at

450 473-2796, option 3 or by e-mail at the following address:

Here is the list of works for which a permit is required and which are issued via the online platform:

  • Tree cutting
  • Car shelter
  • Garden shed
  • Commercial Occupancy Certificate
  • Demolition
  • Private isolated garage
  • Gazebo
  • Watering permit
  • In-ground pool
  • Above ground pool
  • Spa/Whirlpool (2000 liters or less)
  • Additional use in a residential dwelling

Please note that permits are issued by the Urban Planning Department. Failure to comply will result in a monetary fine. For a first offence, this fine amounts to a minimum of $200.

BY-LAW No. 1369 relating to information sheets for permits and certificates of authorization :

BY-LAW No. 1392 regarding Citizen’s quality of life regulation:  cliquez ici

  • Chapitre 2 –   Paix et ordre
  • Chapitre 3 –   Sécurité publique
  • Chapitre 4 –   Saison hivernale
  • Chapitre 5 –   Certaines activités commerciales réglementées
  • Chapitre 6 –   Nuisances générales (notamment l’arrosage de la pelouse)
  • Chapitre 7 –   Nuisances sonores
  • Chapitre 7 –   Nuisances sonores
  • Chapitre 8 –   Nuisances par un propriétaire, locataire ou occupant d’un terrain
  • Chapitre 9 –   Des chiens, chats et autres animaux
  • Chapitre 10 – Parcs municipaux
  • Chapitre 11 – Autorité compétente chargée de l’application et pénalité