Assessment Role

taxesThe City of Deux-Montagnes offers a property assessment role online consultation service.

Citizens and real estate professionals can get real time access to information with regard to property designation.

Please note that special duties must be paid in all cases where the transfer of immovable property is located in the City’s territory  and where an exemption deprives the City of the transfer of duty payments with respect to this transfer, in accordance with the   Loi concernant les droits sur les mutations immobilières (L.R.Q., c. D-15.1).



Citizens have free access to certain data: property value, property dimensions, lot number and roll number. Requests can be made by address, roll number or cadastre number

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Real estate professionals (notaries, financial institutions, etc.) can obtain property information but membership and user fees are required. Available information includes data from the assessment file and applicable taxes for the property in question.

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