Bicycle path network

IMG_reseau-cyclabe_01Starting at Edmond-Lefebvre Street and Deux-Montagnes Boulevard, bicycle paths* crisscross through the Roger-Lemoine woodlands area to join the bicycle lane that travels along 16th and 15th Avenues, turns on Henri-Dunant and 8th Avenue, and then goes on to cross over the Grand-Moulin dam. The bicycle routes traveling throughout Deux-Montagnes total about 5.84 kilometres.

The La Vagabonde bicycle path and 1.4 km of the great Route Verte, a bicycle route that travels across the province of Quebec, also travel through the City of Deux-Montagnes.

*Bicycle path: bicycle route physically separated from streets and roads
**Bicycle lane: marked bicycle lane on the side of the road, not physically separated.