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” I am very pleased with this budget which takes into consideration the significant increase in home valuations, by reducing the tax rate. The managers and elected officials involved in the preparation of the budget had to make a great effort to achiecve an increase well below the inflation rate.”

Denis Martin, Mayor



1st instalment:          March, 17, 

2nd instalment:         May, 12, 

3rd instalment:          July, 7, 

4th instalment:         October, 13,



Unpaid balances after each due date will bear interest and penalties at a combined rate of 15 % annually.   If this is the case, only one statement will be sent to you after the 2nd payment.



Take note that only   post-dated cheques , money or debit card payments will be accepted  (credit cards are not accepted).  You may also leave an envelope containing you post-dated cheques in the secured mail box located outside, next to the main front door.

Please note that a $25 fee will be charged for any cheques that are refused and returned to us for any reason by a Financial Institution (Regulation 1454, a. 4)

* Money transaction is not accepted during Covid-19


1. By mail or at City Hall

Please send post-dated cheques or money order payable to Ville de Deux-Montagnes at the following address:

Ville de Deux-Montagnes, Finance Department

803, chemin d’Oka

Deux-Montagnes, (Québec) J7R 1L8

City Hall opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm.

Friday from 8:30 am to noon, (closed in the afternoon).


2. Your financial institution

Payments can be made at service counters, ATMs or online via your institution’s website.For these types of transactions, the reference number to be used is the  18-digit number  corresponding to the building.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for payment processing.


3. Mortgage loan

If your taxes are paid by a financial institution,  it is still your responsibility to make sure that your tax instalments are paid on or before the deadlines above.


Act respecting duties on transfers of immovable (Welcome tax)

Commonly known as the welcome tax, real estate transfer tax is levied on the purchase of a property.  Under the provisions of the   Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables (R.S.Q., c.D-15.1) ,  all municipality must collect a duty on the transfer of an immovable located on its territory.

Tax calculation

The calculation of the transfer duty is based on the higher of the following amounts:

– The price paid for the acquisition of the immovable (the purchase price), excluding GST and QST;

– The harmonized value (value entered on the municipal assessment roll multiplied by the comparative factor).

The comparative factor in effect for City of Deux-Montagnes:

The residential tax rate will be reduced from $0.84 to $0.70 per $100 assessment for the 2022 fiscal year.

These amounts are calculated by tax brackets. The brackets are indexed annually according to the Québec Consumer Price Index (l’indice des prix à la consommation du Québec).  They are published in the Gazette officielle du Québec before July 1st for application on the following January 1st.


  Not exceeding $53,200
    0,50 %
  Which does not exceed $53,200, without exceeding $266,200
   1,00 %
  Which does not exceed $266,200, not to exceed $514,800
   1,50 %
  Which does not exceed $514,800, not to exceed $772,100
   2,00 %
  Which does not exceed $772,100, not to exceed $1,029,400
   2,50 %
  Exceeding $1,029,400
   3,00 %


For more information, contact the Finance Department (tax collection)

by phone at : 450 473-2796 option 6

or by email at: