August 3, 2021

In the evening of August 18th : Mobile show and firworks

Deux-Montagnes, August 3 2021 – On Wednesday August 18th, Deux-Montagnes will officially blow out 100 candles! To mark this milestone event, the City is pleased to offer a mobile show to its residents between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., followed by a pyromusical performance at 10 p.m. at parc Central. (The fireworks are upon reservation only and we prioritize access to Deux-Montagnes residents) Mark your calendars because the evening of August 18th is an event not to be missed!



The streets of Deux-Montagnes will be turned into a stage on the evening of August 18th when the musical trio Les fils du Diable deliver a most exhilarating performance. Violins, accordions and percussions will mark the 100th anniversary of our beautiful city! Marc Angers, accompanied by Robert Langlois and Hugo St-Laurent form this diabolical group which knows how to give life to rhythmic pieces and will not fail to make you clap your hands and stomp your feet. Let yourself be carried away by the energy of their performance and their fusion of traditional / popular Québécois music, as well as Irish and Louisiana styles. The municipal officials invite you to dance and celebrate with them. The musical convoy will begin its journey through the city at the municipal library where it will reach 8e Avenue to take rue Guy towards boulevard Deux-Montagnes. 20e Avenue will lead this moving spectacle to chemin d’Oka where it will complete its tour back at the library.


At 10 p.m., everyone is invited to a twenty-minute pyromusical performance upon reservation only at parc Central (108, 13e Avenue) to end the evening in a dazzling way! The sky will light up in multiple colors to the rhythm of the music to underline this pivotal stage the City of Deux-Montagnes’ history. Given the limited space in the park, we prioritize access to Deux-Montagnes residents.

“One hundred years of history, of community spirit and evolution is something to celebrate. Since it is not a simple task to mark our 100th anniversary during a pandemic, we are more than happy to host these events in which our citizens can come together in complete safety to collectively celebrate our Deux-Montagnes pride. Join us in celebrating not only the 100 years of Deux-Montagnes, but also the next 100 years and all the great new things they have in store for us!” — Denis Martin, Mayor of Deux-Montagnes


We must remember that it is essential to continue to respect the sanitary measures in place. This includes respecting the 1 m. of social distancing between each family bubble or wearing a face mask when this is impossible and when moving about. In addition, continue to observe strict hygienic habits in order to limit bacterial transmission. Let’s celebrate together, but let’s do it safely.


This evening of festivities adds to other activities organized in honor of this 100th anniversary, in particular;

  • Travel around the world in front of the municipal library by visiting the Tracés de voyage exhibition and its 22 digital serigraphs with augmented reality.
  • Come to the rescue of the Arbre à souvenance, whose roots draw on Québec history and culture, in the Boisé Roger-Lemoine.
  • Come relax under the lights of the parc Michel-Mastromattéo or take a picture of yourself in the giant chairs at parc Aimé-Struthers.

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