December 20, 2022

2023 Budget: Deux-Montagnes Aiming to Curb the Effects of Inflation

Deux-Montagnes, December 20, 2022 – The 2023 budget of the City of Deux‑Montagnes was approved yesterday, December 19, by the members of the City Council during a special meeting. While the fiscal year was prepared in a particularly difficult economic context, it demonstrates a responsible budget and achieves the objective of sound public financial management. Thus, it was announced that in 2023, the increase in the tax bill for a residence of average value will be 3.2%, which is less than half of the inflation rate.

As other Quebec cities, the City of Deux-Montagnes has been enduring the effects of the sharp rise in the cost of living and a slowdown in residential construction for several months. This situation has led to increasing the financing and procurement costs required to ensure proper functioning of the services and activities provided to its citizens. For example, costs for purchasing chemicals for the water treatment plant have more than doubled and costs to collect waste have also jumped. At the same time, there is a slowdown in private investment, thus limiting the supply of new revenues.

“We understand that the economic situation has very much affected taxpayers, which demanded careful consideration on our behalf. The choices made will allow us to maintain the level of service that the people of Deux-Montagnes are entitled to while respecting their capacity for payment,” said Mayor Denis Martin.

Future investments

Through its three-year capital investment program, the City of Deux-Montagnes will be investing a historic amount in its infrastructure ($18M). This includes the project for stormwater management and overflow control, particularly during spring floods. Additionally, the noise barrier will be completed as will the development of the Parc du Centenaire. Note that the City has obtained substantial provincial and federal subsidies (close to $12M) to carry out these projects.

 “For the City Council, budget exercises are an opportunity to apply the principles of good governance, with the main objective of providing the Deux-Montagnes population with a sustainable living environment in which it is good to live. I would like to thank the current elected officials and managers for their efforts in producing this budget which mitigates the pressure on households as much as possible,” concluded Mayor Martin.

To view the 2023 budget (PDF),   click here.