November 29, 2018

New: leisure card for residents of Deux-Montagnes

To the residents of Deux-Montagnes. Do not forget to get your  Free Leisure Card at the Leisure Department. The Leisure Department is located at 200 Henri-Dunant Street. The business hours are Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm., also Friday from 8:30 to noon only. The card will be  mandatory to the registration at the leisure activities for the 2019 winter session.

Take note that  each family member  will need their  own Leisure Card with a photo.

Each resident must bring aproof of residence to get his/her own Leisure Card.

Resident-adults  must bring proof of residence, driver’s license and health insurance card to obtain their Leisures-card. Others proof accepted could be a recent utility account from supplier such as phone provider or Hydro-Québec.

Resident-children  must provide a proof of residence such as birth certificate, annual certificat of scholarship with address also the health insurance card to obtain their Leisure-Card.

The Leisure Card will  give you access to the municipal  swimming pool and the  arena Olympia for the activities: free skating and free hockey.

For more informations, click on this tab: NOUVEAUTÉ carte loisirs_ANGLAIS 

To contact the Leisure Department, please call:  450 473-4700