Publics Works and Technical Services


The Public Works and Technical Services Department is responsible of any collection of wastes materials, as well as road repairs and maintenance, parks and public green spaces layouts and finally City’s buildings maintenance.

This Department is also carrying out the repairs maintenance of the sewers and the drinking water supply system, the street’s lights as well as the implementation of major infrastructure projects for the City.





  Directe Line – week days 450 473-4688  extension 21 

 Manon Beauchamp

 Office schedule: Monday to Thursday from 8 am to noon

  and 1 pm to 5 pm and Friday from 8 am to noon only –

   close in the afternoon.

 In case of Emergency only – evening and weekend, contact the Police assistance to the Régie de police du Lac des Deux-Montagnes at :  450 974-5300 

 Request and claims by email:

 625, 20e avenue,

 Deux-Montagnes, (Québec), J7R 6B2

 Director of Publics Works and

 Technical Services

 Jean B. Fayomi       450 473-4688 extension 22

 Assistant Director   coming soon            450 473-4688 extension 27
 Superintendent – Ongoing Works   Gilles Gemus            450 473-4688 extension 24