May 27, 2019

Reminder on days of collections – from May 27th to May 31st

Following the modification of the collection schedule on our territory, here is a reminder, the days of collection of organics waste ,  recyclables  and  household waste  for the week of  May 27th to May 31st, 2019.


Every monday, for  all sectors .

From April to November:  Every Monday, for all residential areas

From December to March:  Every second Monday



According to your housing  sector ,  this collection shall be :

Sector 1 :  Wednesday, May 29, 

Sector 2 : Tuesday, May 28 ,

Sector 3 : Thursday, May 30,

Sector 4 :   Friday, May 31,



For  all sectors ,  the recycling collection will not be held this week but in the week from JUNE 3rd  to JUNE 7, 2019.

The collection of recycling is alternating with the garbage collection.

Consult the municipal calendar illustrating the detailed collections by sector, by  clicking here


All the information regarding the collections of various waste.

For more information regarding the various waste collections service offered by the City, visit the page dedicated to the collections waste on our website, by  clicking here

One simple instruction to follow:  ” Use the appropriate bin … at the right time! ”

Thank you for your collaboration