March 5, 2019

REM – Work mitigation measures: Mayor Denis Martin reaction

Last Thursday, officials at the ARTM and the ministry of transport announced mitigation measures to deal with the problems caused by work on the REM.  (Links for mitigation measures)  click here  click here

Deux-Montagnes Mayor Denis Martin is just as furious as residents are about REM mitigation measures

Although it’s a step in the right direction, the Deux-Montagnes mayor and the city’s municipal councillors consider the measures to be still inadequate even though they can see that there are some concrete actions finally being taken now that the Government of Quebec has become involved in the matter.

However, Mayor Martin feels that action plans should have been presented and possibly implemented as soon as the REM project got underway in 2015. It’s astonishing that measures are only being announced in 2019 on the very eve of service interruptions, and that some of the measures require actions that still need to be taken.

The mayor and municipal council fully intend to continue exerting whatever pressure it takes to get mitigation measures that are better suited to the legitimate expectations of those using the Deux-Montagnes train. Mayor Denis is campaigning for direct shuttles to downtown Montreal from Deux-Montagnes.

“It’s simply out of the question that we resign ourselves to superficial measures that are not adapted to the real needs of those using the Deux-Montagnes train,” the mayor said.

When the REM is finally in service it will prove to be an extraordinary advantage for anyone living in the Deux-Montagnes region. The service will include trains every 5 to 7 minutes, 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, with capacity increased by 30% during rush hours. In the meantime, the inconvenience for users could be mitigated much more effectively if more appropriate measures were being taken.

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