Urban planning


The Urban planning Department ensures the sustainability of urban developments and compliance with the regulations. Permit issued by the department ensures that construction and renovation projects are done according to the zoning and subdivision of the property land.

To consult the Plan of urban development,  click here.

To consult the General informations regarding various regulations and permit,  click here.

To consult the Program of particular zone developments ,click here.


 • DIRECTOR – Urban planning Department Nathalie Lavoie
Coordinates  625, 20e avenue
 Deux-Montagnes (Québec)
 J7R 6B2
 Email  nlavoie@ville.deux-montagnes.qc.ca
 Phone  450 473-4833 ext. 25
 Fax  450 473-8336
 • INSPECTOR- Building and Environment  Vincent Pintal 
  Phone  450 473-4833  ext. 32
  Email  vpintal@ville.deux-montagnes.qc.ca
 • INSPECTOR- Building and Environment   Dominique Jarry
  Phone   450 473-4833  ext. 34
  Email  djarry@ville.deux-montagnes.qc.ca
 • ASSISTANT Urban planning Department  Jacqueline Catudal
  Phone  450 473-4833  ext. 30
  Email  jcatudal@ville.deux-montagnes.qc.ca