May 27, 2019

May 29th: dead leaf collection

Deux-Montagnes, May 14, 2019 – At this time of the year when many are preparing their land for the arrival of summer, we are happy to announce the holding of an additional leaf collection on Wednesday, May 29.

The dead leaves should be packed in paper or plastic bags (we prefer the use of transparent or orange bags) and then placed on the side of the street from 7 pm the day before the collection or, at the latest, at 7 am the morning of Wednesday, May 29th.

Other green residues

The City encourages citizens to use their brown bin to dispose of their other green residues: grass, roots, plants, small branches, chips, conifer needles, etc. Remember that the collection of composting takes place every Monday.

At any time, it is possible to consult the calendar of the different collections, available online: